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Erfolgreiche Konferenz zur EN 15733 der CEI

Der europäische Maklerverband CEI hat die Internationale Konferenz zur Implementierung der Europanorm EN 15733 in den europäischen Ländern erfolgreich beendet. Die CEI hat dazu einen kurzen Bericht veröffentlicht, den ich hier gern weitergebe. Vor allem der Vortrag des Präsidenten der Konfederation of Consumers in Bulgaria war sehr ermutigend. Die hohen Anforderungen aus der EN 15733, die an die Dienstleistungen von Immobilienmaklern gelegt werden, werden aus Sicht der Verbraucherschützer sehr begrüßt.

Hier die Mitteilung der CEI:

CEI: European Standard EN 15733 for Real Estate Agents is fully established in Europe

During the International Conference about the Implementation of the European Standard EN 15733, held by NREA and CEI in Sofia, it became obvious that the EN 15733 is established in most European countries as a common Standard for the profession of real estate agents in Europe. Lachezar Iskrov, President of the Bulgarian Association of Real Estate Agents, adressed the conference and pointed out that the European Standard is an important step for the developing of national real estate agents laws for several countries such as Bulgaria. The Bulgarian Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, Rosen Plevneliev has sent an address tot he conference and emphazised that the government in Bulgaria will more than promote the standard as a professional regulation oft he services of real estate agents.

The President of CEI, the European Real Estate Agents Association, Manuel Negrao, spoke about the relevance oft he Standard EN 15733 for real estate agents in Europe and for the Real Estate Agents Associations. „We are having one European real estate market and we need common standards for the professionals acting in this market. Therefore the EN 15733 is the first and only professional rule that is adopted in 31 countries in Europe. We as the European Association for real estate agents are supporting all developments for bringing a higher standard in the services of real estate agents“, said Manuel Negrao while opening the conference. „Four years ago we had the vision of creating a common regulation for the services of real estate agents. Now this common standard is reality.“

The content of the EN 15733 was intensly discussed. Sven Johns, member of the board of CEI, Germany, gave a comprehensive overview of the Norm. He focussed on the important passages of the norm, that are dealing with the client-agent-relationship. The information to be given to the client by the real estate agent are fully covered by the norm. The necessary content of a written contract between the client and the agent is part of the norm as well. Pavel Karlev, President of the Federation of Consumers in Bulgaria,  took up the aspects of the norm that are related to consumers. He emphazised that consumers will be able to use the standard. Especially the full information provided by the agents to the client will allow consumers as clients of real estate agents to make the best possible decision in a real estate transaction. Karlev demanded: „the relation between buyers and sellers on the one side and the agent on the other side is not very well clarified. Especially the information about the financial capacity oft he buyer that has to be given to the seller by the agent needs further regulation.“ In addition to these further regulation Karlev demanded to have a national rule for complaints handling of clients. Manuel Negrao answered in the affirmative that CEI will focus on these points. „Together with CEPI we are working on rules for the qualification of real estate agents. We will focus on the matters of complaints handling for the national associations on European countries.“

„The profession of real estate agents is a not regulated profession in more than 70 % of the European countries. Therefore the Standard has great importance for the majority of the countries as a guideline for further developments“, said Manuel Negrao. Lachezar Iskrov accentuated the situation in Bulgaria as a country where the profession of real estate agents is not regulated. He was supported by Iren Dabizheva, CEO of the Bulgarian Institute for Standardization BIS. Mrs. Dabizheva said that the BIS supports the intention of creating a certification for real estate agents in Bulgaria like the certification that exists already in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands.

During the conference participants from The Netherlands (Andre Groot, VBO), Austria (Prof. Margret Funk, ÖVI), Slowakia (Adriena Litomericka, NARKS), Romania (Christian Popescu, ARAI) and several more countries reported about the implementation of the EN 15733 in their countries. „It was the fourth follow-up conference of CEI after adopting the norm in May 2009 and during the period of publication the norm in all 31 countries. The conference in Sofia showed aus, that the EN 15733 is established as the common regulation of the services of real estate agents in Europe“, Manuel Negrao brought the success of the conference to a close.

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Standards für Immobilienmakler – Internationale Conference der CEI

Nach der Veröffentlichung der Europanorm für Makler-Dienstleistungen in allen 31 Mitgliedsländern des europäischen Normungsinstituts gibt es in den Ländern unterschiedliche Erfahrungen mit der Norm und den Standards. In Deutschland ist die DIN 15733 die Referenznorm für die Makler-Dienstleistungen. Die ersten Zertifizierungsprüfungen auf Basis dieser Norm haben stattgefunden. In anderen europäischen Ländern ist dies auch der Fall. Der europäische Maklerverband CEI hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, den Erfahrungsaustausch der europäischen Länder zu der Norm zu fördern. Deshalb findet am 22. Oktober 2010 die Internationale Konferenz „Implementation of the European Standard EN 15733“ in Sofia statt.

Das vollständige Konferenzprogramm im Überblick:



22nd of October 2010, Sheraton Hotel Balkan Sofia, Royal Hall

The National Real Estate Association (NREA) and the European Confederation of Real Estate Agents (C.E.I.) have the pleasure to invite you to aConference andRound table:

“Implementation of the European Standard EN15733 Services of real estate agents – Requirements for the provision of services of real estate agents and Regulation of the Real Estate Agents profession“

10.00 a.m. Official opening

– Lachezar Iskrov, President of NREA

– Rosen Plevneliev, Minister of Regional Development and PublicWorks

– Manuel Negrao, President of C.E.I.

– Welcoming speeches from the official guests

10:30 First session

The Adoption of the European Standard for the Services of Real Estate Agents EN15733 in the European Countries

„The cooperation between Professional organization and Local Authorities in

the development of modern urban environment and culture“

Petar Dikov, Chief Architect of Sofia

„European Standard for real estate agents – relvance for real estate agents and the Associations in Europe“

Manuel Negrao, President of CEI

„The content of the EN15733“

Sven Johns, Member of the Board of CEI, CEO Immobilienverband IVD, Germany

„EN15733 and Consumer Protection requirements“

Pavel Karlev President, Federation of Consumers in Bulgaria

„The implementation of EN15733 in Bulgaria“

Andre Groot, CEI, VBO, The Netherlands

„The process of certification to the EN15733“

Iren Dabizheva CEO, Bulgarian Institute for Standardization BIS

„The Process of training and education of real estate agents in Bulgaria with reference to the requirements oft he EN 15733“

Prof. Georgi Andonv

Second Session 14:00

Regulation of the Real EstateAgent s business – Examples from different countries

„Experience and outlook of NREA regarding the regulation of the Real Estate Agent s dealing in Bulgaria“

Lachezar Iskrov,President,NREA

Vladimir Lafchiev, Chairman of the NREAworking group on regulation of the Agent s profession

„The Law on the Real EstateAgent s profession in Portugal“

Manuel Negrao, President of CEI

„Concept and principles concerning a Law on the Realtor‘s activity in Russia“

Alexander Romanenko, FIABCI President 2011 – 2012

„Norms on the Real Estate Agent‘s profession in Austria“

Margret Funk, Member of CEI Board, Austria

„The Process of regulation of the Real Estate Agent‘ s profession in Slovakia“

Adriana Litomerická,Vice-President of C.E.I., Foreign Affairs,NARKS

„Regulation – the future oft he real estate industry“

Kirkor Ajderhanyan, President of the International Committee of FNAIM

„The European Standard EN15733 and the discussions on a Real Estate Agent‘s Law in Romania“

Christian Popescu, CEI Board Member, Romania

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